Rezolvrizk offers a broad range of products and services to organizations that have risk management challenges or program deficiencies specific to Physical Security Programs, Employee Misconduct / Ethics Investigation Programs, and Regulatory Compliance Programs.
This expertise has been gained through twenty plus years of front line, high volume, real world experiences, applications, and solutions involving every possible incident and investigation scenario.

Physical security program expertise includes:

  • Daily / hourly / project based advisory services
  • Security / investigation program assessments / audits / reviews
  • Physical security / facility vulnerability assessments / surveys
  • Program / policy / procedure / process development and documentation
  • Incident / investigation assistance
  • Incident management plan development
  • Individual threat risk assessments and event management
  • Quality assurance / improvement programs
  • Special event security planning and management
  • Business case development
  • Key activity / metric reporting development
  • Security equipment application, product or vendor selection
  • Security project management / oversight
  • Training programs / seminars

Employee misconduct / ethics investigation program expertise includes:

  • All aspects of a corporate employee investigations program
  • Insider threat assessments
  • Integrating program components with Audit, HR, and other organizational divisions
  • Employee misconduct monitoring and detection
  • Foreign corruption / bribery
  • Code of ethics programs
  • Tip line / whistleblower programs
  • Malicious corporate targeting
  • Case management programs

Regulatory program expertise includes:

  • Sarbanes Oxley - Whistleblower
  • Bank Secrecy Act / USA Patriot Act / Suspicious Activity Reporting
  • Bank Protection Act
  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
  • Data breach notification laws
  • Homeland Security SAFETY Act