Rezolvrizk offers a broad range of products and services to organizations that have risk management challenges or program deficiencies and they simply need some professional assistance in resolving them.

Targeted clients include:

  • Company Senior Leadership
  • Security Professionals
  • Investigation Professionals
  • Risk Management/Compliance Professionals
  • Human Resource Professionals
  • Information Security Professionals
  • Fraud Professionals
  • Audit Professionals/Firms
  • Investigation Firms
  • Security Services Firms
  • Security Equipment/Technology Firms
  • Start-ups / Capital Venture Firms

Targeted risk resolving includes risks or program deficiencies identified as a result of:

  • a proactive self-identification of an issue or risk needing attention by an organizational risk professional
  • a program assessment, audit, or regulatory review or exam
  • a significant incident, fraud, or employee misconduct matter
  • a product or services firm that has identified a client need, but the solution is not part of their core business